So back again for another round of five books.

11. A Book with a one word title

Title: Style

Author: Lauren Conrad

Star Rating: ****/5

First Impressions: Super informative

Final Verdict: sometimes confusing but good for basic tips and advice

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12. A book of short stories

Title: Prom Nights from hell

Author: Meg Cabot, Kim Harrison, Michele Jaffe, Stephanie Meyer, Lauren Myracle

Star Rating: **/5

First Impressions: a woefully confused anthology

Final Verdict: the good parts are encumbered by some truly awful pieces

In a gif form this would be:

throwing thing and it comign abck

13.  A book set in a different Country

Title: We Hear the Dead

Author: Dianne K. Salerni

Star Rating: ***/5

First Impressions:very mediocre

Final Verdict: i cannot meh enough

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14.  A non fiction book

Title: The Psychopath Test

Author: John Ronson

Star Rating: *****/5

First Impressions: This is so cool

Final Verdict: creepy, funny and scarily true

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15.  A popular authors first book

Title: Miracle Cure

Author: Harlan Coben

Star Rating: ***/5

First Impressions: The start of a brilliant writer

Final Verdict: oooh kinda intriguing falls flat sometimes though

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