Horns Review

Readers, if you have seen the trailer for horns you should be aware the film is not what was marketed to you. Instead of the whiney thriller horror presented to you in those 2 minutes something a lot better is there. A 2 hour dark comedy showing the folly of man and all the other darkness that fills our neighbours and us whilst having tons of fun fun christian mythology references. All in all it is better than the crap you were advertised go see it.
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so it’s a clever concept. Adapted from the book byJoe Hill, Horns is the story of Ig (Daniel Radcliffe) trying to find the killer of his girlfriend (Juno Temple) however everyone believes it’s him and he is followed and accosted everyday. Until he wakes up after a drunken attack on his deceased girlfriends memorial (he literally pisses on candles, HILARIOUS) with horns growing. Now that is one thing the strange power he gets next is the other. Suddenly people divulge their deepest secrets to him and do mostly what he says if he plays to their desires.

A particular glorious moment is when Ig turns on the journalist and tells them to fight each other and the winner will get an exclusive interview with him. Cue a ton of journalists beating the living hell out of each other and Ig laughing in the background. It’s funny, nasty and biting commentary all at once and it is fantastic.

As I mentioned earlier Ig becomes more and more twisted by his new power. In a particular effecting scene he uses his power to get his brother to take all his drugs at once to experience exactly what happened to his girlfriend. It’s horrifically brilliant.
This film really is funny, proper funny. A proper dark comedy with creepy christian mythology weaved in it but this isn’t Dogma this is proper fun scares. It messes with the audience and with its characters in ways Chuck Palahniuk would be proud of.
This is a amazing film once again showcasing Daniel Radcliffe’s incredible acting skill and his talent for being a sarcastic little dickhead rolled in to one glorious film.
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