9. A Comedy- Zoolander

Especially with the sequel on its way, Zoolander is one of the most iconic comedies of the 2000’s. Seriously there is nothing funnier than the blue steel.


8. A Movie with Bad Reviews- Catwoman

How was this awful? I generally don’t understand how a Catwoman film could be this awful. It’s like they forgot everything. What ere they taking, what did people do?

this is just the worst and pretty much killed female fronted super hero movies for ages.


So back again for another round of five books.

11. A Book with a one word title

Title: Style

Author: Lauren Conrad

Star Rating: ****/5

First Impressions: Super informative

Final Verdict: sometimes confusing but good for basic tips and advice

In a gif form this would be:


12. A book of short stories

Title: Prom Nights from hell

Author: Meg Cabot, Kim Harrison, Michele Jaffe, Stephanie Meyer, Lauren Myracle

Star Rating: **/5

First Impressions: a woefully confused anthology

Final Verdict: the good parts are encumbered by some truly awful pieces

In a gif form this would be:

throwing thing and it comign abck

13.  A book set in a different Country

Title: We Hear the Dead

Author: Dianne K. Salerni

Star Rating: ***/5

First Impressions:very mediocre

Final Verdict: i cannot meh enough

In a gif form this would be:


14.  A non fiction book

Title: The Psychopath Test

Author: John Ronson

Star Rating: *****/5

First Impressions: This is so cool

Final Verdict: creepy, funny and scarily true

In a gif form this would be:


15.  A popular authors first book

Title: Miracle Cure

Author: Harlan Coben

Star Rating: ***/5

First Impressions: The start of a brilliant writer

Final Verdict: oooh kinda intriguing falls flat sometimes though

In a gif form this would be:



So here we are for another 5 books

6. A book written by someone under 30

Title: Teeth

Author: Hannah Moskowitz

Star Rating: *****/5

First Impressions: PERFECTION


In a gif form this would be:


7. A book with Nonhuman characters

Title: I, Lucifer

Author: Glen Duncan

Star Rating: ****/5

First Impressions:Great but kinda clunky at times

Final Verdict: Fun but never fully reaches expectation

In a gif form this would be:

throw stuff in laundry

8. A Funny Book

Title:Yes Please

Author: Amy Poehler

Star Rating: ****/5

First Impressions:GreatI want to be her friend

Final Verdict: LOVE ME AMY

In a gif form this would be:


9. A book by a female author

Title:The Secret Place

Author: Tana French

Star Rating: */5

First Impressions:Drivel

Final Verdict: disappointing thriller mess

In a gif form this would be:


10.  A Mystery or Thriller

Title: Gone Girl

Author: Gillian Flynn

Star Rating: ****************/5

First Impressions:WOW

Final Verdict: GIVE ME MORE

In a gif form this would be:


So there we go another 5!!!! Next time will be 10 i reckon.


Hi guys. This is late but this blog is for two challenges the Movie Challenge and the pop sugar challenge. Details available in the scroll down menus at the top of the blog. I mainly have been focusing on the movie blog so now we are going to work through these challenges and talk about them because thats what I do here.

So if you have forgotten about the challenge click here to be re-aquainted but if not strap in for the ride.

Like Dennis lets make this work

Like Dennis lets make this work

1. A book with 500+ Pages

It’s the middle one photo courtesy: Imgur

Title: Queen of The Damned

Author: Anne Rice

Star Rating: ***/5

First Impressions: The cover looks like something 14 year old me would love.

Final Verdict: Ok this is 90’s twilight but gayer and well better but thats not really a compliment is it. Twilight may as well have been written in cow dung for all I care. It’s worth a read though.

In a gif form this would be:

lower your expectations

2. A Classic Romance

Photo Courtesy: Cambridge

Title: Romeo and Juliet

Author: William Shakespeare

Star Rating: *****/5 for Mercutio alone

First Impressions: Not really the greatest love story more classic shakespearean moral tale with more humour. I love it though

Final Verdict: It’s great however watch the film Romeo+Juliet it’s exactly how it should be Lurid and slightly ridiculous

In a gif form this would be:

ok not a gif but a reaction

ok not a gif but a reaction

3. A book that became a movie

photo credit: Wordsworth


Title: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Author: Lewis Carroll

Star Rating: ****/5

First Impressions: well this is trippy

Final Verdict: I love this book. Caroll was a genius

In a gif form this would be:

by party I mean Tea PARTY

by party I mean Tea PARTY

4. A book published this year

Title: Simon VS the Homosapiens Agenda

Author: Becky Albertelli

Star Rating: ****/5

First Impressions: awwwwwwwwwwww

Final Verdict: this is adorable. Like pure cotton candy as a book. LOVE LOVE LOVE

In a gif form this would be:

Friends forever

5. A book with a number in the title

Title:I am Number Four

Author: Pittacus Lore

Star Rating: ***/5

First Impressions: This is interesting and exciting but feels like it’s missing something

Final Verdict: Worth a read but it’s far from perfect.

In a gif form this would be:



6.A film made by a Director under 30- I Killed My Mother-

Photo Credit: Allocine

Xavier Dolan is an up and comer in the film world. He’s french canadian, young and proves i’m not doing enough with my life. He has already directed 5 films at the tender age of 26, including last years hit “Mommy”. His work is incredible and thought provoking and like most french cinema, gorgeous.

“I Killed my Mother” is the story of a young boy  who has not told is mother about his relationship with her best friends son. It’s tense, hostile but also a beautiful piece. One of the most interesting films i’ve ever just accidentally stumbled on at Film 4.

5. A Film released the year you were born- The Usual Suspects

Photo Credit: Polygram

Photo Credit: Polygram

For this one there really is only one film I would like to feature and that is the classic twist movie “The Usual Suspects”. Kevin Spacey’s award winning performance as usual is completely perfect. Can that man do no wrong?? Starring Spacey as Verbal Kint, a conman who survived a horrific event which he claims was caused by Kaiser Sozei. The story becomes more and more ridiculously complex and incredible. MODERN CLASSIC.



4. A film released in 2015- Birdman

I will start off with something you have heard a thousand times but is only really true now, Birdman is a masterpiece. It will confuse you, sting you, make you angry and confused. But most importantly you’ll laugh at the sheer strangeness of what looks like one continuous shot of a group of people trying to keep one man from falling whilst that man is just trying to fly again
The best film you’ll ever watch
You can find my full review here

3. A movie set in a place you have always wanted to visit- Chocolat

For Prompt 3- A movie set in a place you always wanted to visit. I chose Chocolat as it’s set in a tiny village in rural France. It looks quaint and beautifully old fashioned and I would love to spend a day there.

This beautiful film tells the story of a woman and her daughter as they set up in chocolate shop in a very conservative village. They lead a massive overhaul in the village and look after other women.

In fact the way the women all work is my favourite thing about it. Not one of the characters is perfect at all but they are all incredibly endearing.

What a fantastic film, I would recommend this wholeheartedly to anyone looking for something to watch on a quiet night in. (Expect this film to come up again)

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